Recruitment Finance

Here at BCashflow Positive, we offer a range of services to our recruitment and labour-hire clients, including the recruitment finance that enables them to get paid upfront for their permanent placements.

Whether you are an existing client, or you would like to become a client so that you can access our BPositivePay service, our experts will be happy to talk to you about the ways in which our recruitment finance service can help your recruitment or labour-hire business to become cash flow positive.

The BPositivePay service also offers greater flexibility for your own clients, who can pay your invoices in instalments while you receive your payment upfront from us. By creating benefits for everyone, the BPositivePay service has become essential in the way many business owners choose to manage their accounts and cash flow.

What Is BPositivePay?

BPositivePay is a value-added service provided to our recruitment and labour-hire clients, enabling them to get paid upfront for their permanent placements. By offering the BPositivePay service to their clients, the recruiter can improve their cashflow, while their customers can enjoy the flexibility of paying permanent invoices in instalments.

How Does It Work?

Starts 1

Recruiter sends invoice with
BPositivePay option

Client Selects
BPositivePay Option 2

Client sends recruiter
direct debit authority

Recruiter Gets
Paid Upfront 3


Client Enjoys
Flexibility 4

Pay invoice in

Key Benefits Of BPositivePay

Great value-added option to improve cashflow strain

You the recruiter gets paid sooner for permanent placements

Your client enjoys the flexibility of paying over time

Quick and easy to apply

Speak to a cash flow expert

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What types of business can benefit from BPositivePay?

Recruitment and labour-hire businesses looking to get paid sooner on their permanent placements while providing their clients with flexible payment options can greatly benefit from BPositivePay.

How much do I get?

100% of the invoice is paid upfront to the recruiter.

Is BPositivePay a stand-alone product?

No. BPositivePay is an add on product for BCashFlow Positive’s recruitment and labour-hire clients.

Find Out More About Our Recruitment Finance

Our BPositivePay recruitment finance service is not a standalone service, but rather a value-added service provided for our recruitment and labour-hire clients. By offering complete solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs, we ensure every one of our valued clients has the level of service (and the positive cash flow) that they need for their business to succeed.

If your recruitment or labour-hire business has suffered from slow payments in the past, or you are looking for a way to offer more flexible payment options to your own clients, then BPositivePay could provide the solution you are seeking.

When your candidate starts in their new, permanent placement, simply send your invoice with the BPositivePay option, and your client can pay in instalments, while you receive payment upfront.

Our Recruitment Finance Option Can Improve Your Cash Flow

One of the essentials for any growing business will be predictable cash flow. While your clients may appreciate flexible payment options, this is not always the most suitable choice for your business. If you’re looking for a different way, then why not consider BCashflow Positive’s recruitment finance option. You’ll receive 100% of the invoice payment upfront, while your client continues to settle their invoice in instalments through the BPositivePay option.

This win-win situation works to free up cash flow for you and your client. If you’d like to get paid sooner for your permanent placements, then why not ask about the suite of services BCashflow Positive can offer to recruitment and labour-hire clients.

Contact BCashflow Positive To Find Out More Today

Our BPositivePay option is just part of the service BCashflow Positive offers to recruitment and labour-hire clients. If you would like to learn more about our other services, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

With offices throughout Australia, we offer a prompt response to your enquiries. Send us an email, fill out the online enquiry form, or give us a call today. We will be more than happy to answer your questions regarding recruitment finance, and how this value-added service can offer even greater support for recruitment and labour-hire businesses.