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Get On Top Of ATO Bills With Invoice Factoring

Sep 26 2017

One of the most challenging things about owning a small or medium business is finance administration. You’ve done the work, you’ve sent the invoice, but you then have to wait for the invoice to be paid. Many companies can only afford to take on more work, pay their employees, or get on top of their ATO bills when they have payments coming in.  And just when they think they are on top of it, their BAS is due again.

To overcome these challenges, many businesses are using invoice factoring. Invoice factoring allows Australian businesses to have a more constant cash flow by releasing the cash tied up in their sales invoices, in as quick as 24 hours.  It is also an excellent option for keeping ATO bills at bay.

How does invoice factoring work?

1) Invoice your clients for work fully completed or goods delivered
2) Send BCashflow Positive a copy
3) BCashflow Positive credits your account with up to 90% of the invoice value in as quick as 24 hours
4) Receive the remaining 10% when your customer pays us less any accrued fees

Below are the key reasons that every small and medium business should explore invoice factoring with BCashflow Positive.

1. Fast

Invoice factoring is fast. Instead of waiting up to 90 days to get paid by your clients, BCashflow Positive can fund your invoices in as quick as  24 hours.  Approval is provided within 48 hours, not weeks like the Banks. Our online pre-approval form only takes 3 minutes to complete.

2. Flexibility

You can pick and choose what invoices you want to release cash flow from. There is no property security or quarterly audits required.

3. Transparent fees

At BCashflow Positive we believe in transparency from the very start, so there are no surprises. Our fees are fully disclosed on our website. Give our calculator a try to work out how much funding you can get, and how much it is going to cost.

4. Improve working capital

By factoring your invoices you can boost your working capital and improve your cash flow, allowing you to take on more business, meet your operating expenses and keep the taxman at bay.  BCashflow Positive can take the stress out of BAS payments by crediting your account with up to 90% of the invoice value, allowing you to get on top of your ATO bills.

5. Cover the gap of slow payments and grow your business

Reduce the pressure of performing work and having to wait for your clients to pay before starting another contract.  By factoring your invoices with BCashflow Positive you can take on more jobs and grow your business.

Pay your ATO bills today

BCashflow Positive has been providing cash flow solutions to Australian businesses for 27 years, and pride in our ability to deliver fast payments so you can meet your operating expenses and ATO obligations.  Call 1300 937 292 and we’ll be happy to help.


What Our Clients Say

"We used BCashflow Positive when our bankers didn't want to know us, as we operate in an industry that was going to be affected by the introduction of the carbon tax.Traditional lenders were unable to deal with the uncertainty and risks.
BCashflow Positive understood the risk and assisted us with our cash flow, which was great"

Financial Controller, Solar Manufacturing Company, WA

"Getting instant funds from our invoices is crucial to our business success. It means we can pay wages on time and grow our business. The staff are also great to deal with."

Owner, Recruitment, NSW

"We engaged BCashflow Positive to get on top of our ATO obligations. Constant cash flow allows us to meet our operating expenses and grow our business."

Accountant, Earthmoving, QLD

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