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Improving Your Cash Flow Amidst COVID19-Compelling Reasons to Finance Your Invoices Now

May 19 2020
Stabilise your cash flow during this crisis

You have checked your cash flow data, monitoring every accounts receivable from your clients, who have not been able to keep up.

The wait goes on…

We know that having a positive mindset in this pandemic can be an ‘easier said than done’ scenario. But whilst the pandemic has had multiple industries grappling for some financial security, you can still be optimistic about keeping your business afloat – and more.

If you’ve found your cash flow to be slipping away from you more than ever, you need a flexible funding solution like BCashflow Positive invoice finance to stabilise your cash flow during this crisis. Your goal now is to manage overall business risks and keep financial continuity plans in place. You need all the support you can get in managing cash-related pressures during these times.

What short and long term cash flow management methods have you applied so far? What forms of alternative financing have you fuelled your business with to keep a healthy level of cash flow? What are your challenges with customer-client relationships?

Take a look at your invoices, waiting to be processed. Have you received what’s due to you from your clients?

Instead of grappling through your cash flow system, here are some reasons why financing your invoices now should be your next move. We’ve made each process as straightforward as possible so you can get back to being cash flow positive straight away.

Simple application process

In this time of crisis, the last thing you want is to be inundated with complicated paperwork and terms.  Simply fill out our contact form and an invoice finance expert will be in touch to guide you through the invoice finance application process, and have a response for your application within 24-48 hours.

Our invoice finance experts will be there every step of the way to ensure that the application process is a simple and a stress-free experience.

Transparent fees

Like you, we don’t like complicated jargon. We believe in transparency from the start so there are no surprises. You will know exactly what funding you can get and how much it is going to cost upfront by simply using our fee and funding calculator.

If you need more clarifications around our fee structure simply call 1300 937 292 and speak to one of our invoice finance experts, who will be more than happy to help.

Flexible alternative support

Instead of resorting to traditional loans, you will find invoice finance to be a more flexible alternative to support your business.  Invoice finance is not a loan and the funding you receive is proportionate to your invoices. BCashflow Positive invoice finance lets you stay in control by allowing you to choose which invoices you would like to factor.

You can choose between our come and go arrangement with no lock-in or long-term contracts option via Key Factors. Or for more consistent access to funding BCashflow Positive invoice finance is a great long-term cash flow solution.

Manage business growth

BCashflow Positive invoice finance is suited to a variety of SMEs and growing businesses requiring additional working capital, even start-ups, or companies looking to get on top of their ATO debts, can benefit from invoice financing.

If you are in the wholesale industry, manufacturing, commercial cleaning, labour-hire, transport and logistics, manufacturing and wholesale, or earthmoving that is experiencing cash flow constraints due to slow payments, it might be a good time to consider invoice finance to cover the gap.

Rather than chasing receivables, you can concentrate on paying employee wages and outstanding operating expenses, exploring new marketing strategies and ways to pivot your business during COVID-19.

Our team can not only help to fund your invoices, but they will also help you collect them.

Instant cash—in hours

If your business is in need of instant cash, we can fund invoices in as quick as 4 hours.  Rather than waiting for up to 90 days to get paid by your clients, you can convert your invoices into cash immediately with BCashflow Positive invoice finance.

Convert your invoices into cash in three simple steps:

  1. Invoice your customers and send us a copy.
  2. BCashflow Positive will advance you with up to 90% of the invoice value.
  3. BCashflow Positive will transfer you the remainder 10% when your client pays us, less any accrued fees.

With the instant cash flow support, you can return to normal operations, even speed up ongoing business transactions, and improve your cash management system.

With COVID-19 uncertainty still looming, it will be worthwhile to look into financing solutions to be able to move into the recovery phase of your business.  Acting now and acting fast could be the difference between whether your business will survive.

If you’re unsure whether finance invoicing is right for you, speak to an invoice finance expert at BCashflow Positive today by calling 1300 937 292. With three decades of experience, BCashflow Positive has become the leading factoring company in Australia to help businesses see through cash flow challenges. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help.

What Our Clients Say

"We used BCashflow Positive when our bankers didn't want to know us, as we operate in an industry that was going to be affected by the introduction of the carbon tax.Traditional lenders were unable to deal with the uncertainty and risks.
BCashflow Positive understood the risk and assisted us with our cash flow, which was great"

Financial Controller, Solar Manufacturing Company, WA

"Getting instant funds from our invoices is crucial to our business success. It means we can pay wages on time and grow our business. The staff are also great to deal with."

Owner, Recruitment, NSW

"We engaged BCashflow Positive to get on top of our ATO obligations. Constant cash flow allows us to meet our operating expenses and grow our business."

Accountant, Earthmoving, QLD

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